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Find Me Now on Facebook

Just popping in real quick this evening to let you know I finally created a Facebook page for The Hiker Mama.  It’s about time, I do spend a lot of time there already.  Click the widget over in the sidebar, or follow the link: It will be good to have somewhere to share the fun…Continue Reading

Gifts for Nature Kids

Just popping in late this evening to let you know about my latest article for ParentMap.  It’s got a bunch of ideas for gifts to give to your nature-loving children.  If your kids are interested in birding, stargazing, camping, gardening, or rockhounding, I’ve got ideas for kits you can make to encourage them. My kids…Continue Reading

Monroe Swift Night Out

We sat on the lawn of the old school, watching the tiny black birds swirl around the tall, brick chimney.  The sun was setting, turning the feathery clouds and haze from eastern fires pastel pinks and oranges. More and more birds appeared, as if from nowhere, somehow knowing where to congregate for the evening.  The…Continue Reading

Puget Sound Bird Fest coming up!

Just popping in here real quick to let you local folks know about the Puget Sound Bird Fest coming up this weekend in Edmonds.  We’ll be there for Saturday’s events.  We’ve gone a few times before, and really enjoyed ourselves.  This year it seems they have even more events for children.  For a complete run-down,…Continue Reading

Busy living the adventure…

There’s a blogging mama I follow who talks about being so busy living the adventure that it’s hard to have time to write about the adventure.  (Her name is Renee Tougas of FIMBY and she is fabulous.)  That’s how I’ve felt the past week as we’ve done some fun things and have barely had time…Continue Reading

National Parks Free on Saturday, June 9, 2012

Several times a year the national parks host days where you can get into the parks for free. Parks like Mt. Rainier and Olympic National Park have entrance fees for much of the year, and it’s nice to take advantage of the times you don’t have to pay.  For more information, check out the NPS…Continue Reading