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Juanita Bay Bird Watching

Gabriel got to go spend the day with Daddy at work today, learning about what Daddy does and seeing his new office.  Annika and I were on our own, which rarely happens.  What to do?  With some sunbreaks in the forecast, we decided it would be fun to go for a short birding expedition. I…Continue Reading

Buggin’ Out at Brightwater

Last Saturday we had the chance to go to a nature event at the Brightwater wastewater treatment plant.  We looked in ponds for bugs: We looked at pond life under microscopes: We did some art projects: We enjoyed the art around the campus: We learned a bit more about the water cycle and the uses…Continue Reading

And A Child Shall Lead Them: A Nature Walk

Sometimes my kids know better than I do what they need.  Lately Annika has been asking every day to go out into nature, to have a peaceful walk in the forest.  We are fortunate to have a green belt behind our home (it was one of the reasons we picked this house) and it makes…Continue Reading

Arboretum Walk: The Music of Trees

The kids ran and skipped down the paths, exuberant after a full day of school.  Suddenly, we heard a sound, the music we were looking for.  We slowed down, the children becoming attentive and focused.  Soon we figured out where the strange noises were coming from: the trees.  We spotted the speakers and tubing, and…Continue Reading

Puget Sound Bird Fest

This past weekend we went to the Puget Sound Bird Fest in Edmonds.  On Friday evening I went without the kids to the Opening Presentation by Paul Bannick.  He is an author and photographer who published a book about owls and woodpeckers. This presentation was about Owls of Washington by Season and Habitat.  He had…Continue Reading

Seattle By Foot Kid’s Tour – An Urban Adventure

Normally this blog is about getting kids out into nature, but on Thursday we had the chance for a different kind of hike.  The good folks at ParentMap asked me to review the brand new kid’s walking tour of Seattle put on by the company Seattle by Foot. We began our adventure by taking the…Continue Reading

What we’ve been up to

“The days they pass so quickly now, the nights are seldom long.”  John Denver sings this in one of his songs, and I think it describes the life of a mother very well.  The days have filled with activities and outings, trips out of town and gatherings with friends.  I have several things to share…Continue Reading

Family Fun Day at the University of Washington

Last weekend (the day before Mother’s Day) we went to an event put on by the school of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington.  They had two rooms of tables set up with displays and hands-on activities covering various topics in geology, physics, rocketry, soil science, space science, and others.  There were…Continue Reading

Beach Walking – Info and Etiquette

Spring and summer are prime beach walking times in Puget Sound.  Every two weeks, the cycle of the moon creates several days of very low tides during the midday hours.  This coincides with warming weather and winter-weary residents, and it seems that everyone flocks to the beaches.   Before I worked in Edmonds, I didn’t…Continue Reading

Mother’s Day at the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden

This site is focused on getting kids out into nature.  But the reality is, Mom needs to get out into nature, too.  I started hiking with my kids when they were babies because I needed, to the depth of my being, time in the wilderness.  With the busy pace of life, social demands for the…Continue Reading