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“Procrastinator’s Guide to the Eclipse in the City” in ParentMap online, August 2017.

“Summer Stargazing for Families Around Puget Sound” in ParentMap online, June 2017.

“7 Hikes With a Prize for Puget Sound Families” in ParentMap online, May 2017.

“What Makes A ‘Maker’: Talking to UW Scientist Bronwyn Bevan” Online, ParentMap, October 2016.

“Outdoor Safety Tips for Hiking With Kids from a Search and Rescue Expert.” Online, ParentMap, August 2016.

“Bellingham: Your Last-Minute Summer Escape” in print, August 2016, and on the ParentMap website.

My review of the Museum of Flight’s new exhibit, Above and Beyond, on the ParentMap website:

“Someone You Should Know: Dylan Tomine” in ParentMap, June 2016, Print and online.

“Hunting Beauty” in AdventuresNW Magazine (Print and Online) Spring 2016.

“Into the Urban Wild: 10 Seattle-Area Nature Centers and Gardens to Explore for Spring”, an update on the ParentMap site on a previous article. February 2016.

“Finding Clarity: Spotting Vision Problems in Kids with Special Needs” online and print on ParentMap. October 2015.

“How to Raise a Wild Child: Outdoor Families Interviews Dr. Scott Sampson” online for Outdoor Families magazine. September 2015.

“Scary, But Not Too Scary: An 8-Year-Old’s Halloween Shift” online for ParentMap. October 2014.

“Take Us Away! Restful Fall Retreats for Kids and Families in Washington State.” ParentMap website. September 2014.

“Wild About Wolves: Where to See Washington’s Most Fascinating Predators” for ParentMap online. July 2014.

“Chasing Silence” in Adventures NW Magazine (print and online), Spring, 2014.

“Fast One: Cheetahs at the Woodland Park Zoo” review for ParentMap. May 2014.

“Get Out! 8 Programs to Connect Seattle Kids to Nature.” ParentMap online, February 2014.

“Play Date: Erin McKittrick, Mother, Adventurer and Author of ‘Small Feet, Big Land’. October 2013. Interview on ParentMap

ParentMap featured me in an article about local nature bloggers:

Owls, Bats and Stars: Night Adventures for Seattle Kids and Families. ParentMap website.  June 2013.

“DIY Summer Camp: 6 Kinds of Camp to do at Home” on ParentMap website.  March 2013.

“This I Resolved: Becoming a Hiking Family” on ParentMap website.  December 2012.

“Get Outside Gifts: Kits for Mini Stargazers, Birders, Gardeners and More” article on ParentMap website.  December 2012.

“Trekking the Alaska Wilderness, Baby and Toddler in Tow” interview and preview of talk by Erin McKittrick and Hig Higman. November 2012.

“Get Out! 7 Programs to Connect Kids to Nature in Greater Seattle this Fall and Winter” on the ParentMap website.  November 2012.

“Rain, Rain, Hike Away: Fall Hiking Tips for Families” article on ParentMap website.  November 2012.

ParentMap reposted my review of Paths II:  The Music of Trees.  October 2012.

ParentMap reposted my interview with Lorenzo and Michael Rohani:  October 2012.

“Winging It: Puget Sound Bird Fest and Other Hot Spots for Fall Family Birding” article on ParentMap blog.  September, 2012.

“The Moon and the Stars: Astronomy Fun For Kids” article in ParentMap blog, August, 2012.

ParentMap linked to Julie Zickefoose’s article on my blog:  July, 2012

“Eight Summer Hikes to Help You Cool Off” article in ParentMap blog, July 2012:

 Moran State Park on Adventure Awaits, the State Parks blog, July 2012:

Nature Rocks Activity Guide on ParentMap blog, July 2012:

“A Mom’s Review: Seattle Kids Tour” in ParentMap blog, June 2012.

“A Mother and Daughter’s Hiking Quest: Q & A with Patricia Ellis Herr.” Online article for ParentMap, May 2012.

“7 Tips for Low-Tide Beachcombing With Kids in Seattle” online article for ParentMap. May, 2012.

 “11 Fun Ideas For Exploring Nature with Kids” in ParentMap Magazine online edition.  May, 2012.

 “7 Spring Hikes” in ParentMap Magazine online blog post, April 2012.

“No Hiking Today” in AdventuresNW Magazine, Summer 2009. [Article has been archived, and link no longer works.]







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