The Hiker Mama

Ladder Creek Falls

Distance: 0.4 miles

Elevation Gain: Approximately 150 feet

Highest Elevation: 660 feet

Season: Spring through Fall


Description: Nestled on a slope behind the Gorge Powerhouse in Newhalem, this trail allows visitors to see the narrow chasm that Ladder Creek falls through. The gardens around the powerhouse are nicely landscaped, and the lush forest provides shady relief when the sun is hot. There are benches and little bridges along this trail that will help make up for some of the steeper sections of the path.

Directions: Drive highway 20 east from Burlington and I-5 to the town of Newhalem. At the east end of town, park off the highway in the signed parking lot to the right, and cross the suspension bridge.

Links: Read a bit more about this trail at the NPS website.