The Hiker Mama

Kachess Dam Road Snowshoe

Distance: Minimum of 2 miles RT to the lake, or as far as you want to go

Elevation Gain: ~150 feet

Season: Winter

Maps: Green Trails No. 208 Kachess Lake or Green Trails No. 208SX Alpine Lakes East

Description: Park in a plowed pull-out along Kachess Dam Road/Forest Road 4818. You’ll be hiking north along the road, which in most years has a packed-down snowmobile track. We hiked up to the power lines, turned left/west, and walked under them for maybe a third of a mile. Look for an orange diamond marking a trail north/right into the woods. This trail winds between the trees, and is more interesting than the road portion. After about a mile from the road you’ll reach the shore of Lake Kachess. Stop there for a snack and some photos. You can wander up the lake shore as you please. Alternatively, stronger hikers may want to snowshoe up the road for more of an adventure. We retraced our steps back to the car, finding the exercise enough.

Directions: Drive east on I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass, to Exit 70. At the exit, turn left over the freeway, then turn left again onto W. Sparks Rd. You’ll drive past 2 right-hand turns, then turn right onto Kachess Dam Road/ Forest Road 4818. Park along the road, being sure to leave plenty of space in the turn-around for trucks with trailers to maneuver. No Sno-Park passes are needed. There are no restrooms or other amenities on this trail. I recommend stopping at the Rest Area at Snoqualmie Pass, or heading to the other side of the freeway at Exit 70 and using the facilities at Lake Easton State Park (Discover Pass needed.)

Links: Read a little about our trip here.