The Hiker Mama

Pipe Creek Sno-Park Snowshoe

Distance: Variable, we did a gentle 2 miles RT, but you can go farther

Elevation Gain: Variable, but the trails all have a gentle grade. We gained about 240 feet in elevation from the parking lot before we turned around.

Season: Winter

Maps: The most useful is the PDF of snowmobile and ski trails around Blewett Pass. Print this out, and bring it with you if you can. You can also use Green Trails No. 210 Liberty, but it won’t have the winter trails marked on it.

Description: This Sno-Park is much quieter than the nearby Blewett, since it doesn’t allow snowmobiles. There are several miles of trails along old road beds that you can ski or snowshoe. We went east from the end of the parking lot, parallelling the highway. After about 0.4 miles, we reached a junction and turned right/southeast away from the highway. This trail follows a creek, and makes its way to some nice meadows at about one mile. We turned around there, as the snow conditions the day we went were soft and made for tiring travel. You may want to continue farther, or take the trails from the west end for a longer loop. On weekends you will probably hear snowmobiles in the distance, and if you hike far enough, you’ll come to the roads where they are allowed. But for families with young children, these trails make for a peaceful outing.

Directions: From Seattle, drive I-90 east to Cle Elum and exit 85, following signs for Highway 970/97 and Leavenworth/Wenatchee. Follow hwy 97 as it gains elevation, to about 2 miles before you get to Blewett Pass. The Sno-Park is signed and is on the right/south side of the highway. There is a porta-potty at the trailhead, and a Sno-Park Pass is needed to park there. The parking lot is often a sheet of ice in the winter, so consider bringing Yak Trax or Microspikes for traction.

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