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Mercer Slough

Distance: There are just under 5 miles of trails in the park.

Elevation Gain: Trails are flat to gently sloping.

Season: Year-round.

Description: Mercer Slough connects Kelsey Creek to Lake Washington, and forms a large wetland ecosystem.  Trails in the lower section are covered in wood chips and there are bridges over wetter areas.  Upper trails are dirt and gravel.  You can also go canoeing and kayaking in the slough. You can get trail maps at the Visitor Center on SE 118th. The Visitor Center is open daily from 10-4.  There is plenty of mud; mosquitoes can be a problem in the summer.  Birds abound, and the walking is easy for little feet.

Directions: From I-405, take the SE 8th St. Exit.  Turn west at the exit.  Immediately turn left (south) onto 118th Ave. SE.  Drive about 1/2 mile and look on your right for the blue Education Center signs.  Take the first right into the parking lot. Parking is free and does not require a pass.

Links: The Bellevue Parks Dept. webpage has good information about the park. This page gives good trail information.  The park has a new Environmental Education Center, with a few hands-on activities and friendly rangers to answer questions and tell you about the park.  You can read about one of our trips here.


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