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Have you ever forgotten something really important on a hike or nature outing?  Well, last Friday I forgot my camera on a hike I took with the kids.  To make matters worse, we saw a new kind of ice that I hadn’t seen before, and it would have been so great to document it for myself.  Thankfully there were others along on this trip who took pictures and shared them with me.  You can head on over to and read our reports at this link:

This hike we were fortunate to have friends along to cover our backs.  On other hikes I’ve forgotten a pocket knife to cut the sausage and cheese, spare underwear for the potty-training child, hiking boots, orthotic inserts for said boots, and once I even forgot my whole pack for an urban walk.  For that one I had enough extra stuff along, and had packed the snacks and water separately, so we were just fine using a tote bag or something like that to carry what we needed.  I really need to print out a list to check off as I leave the house the final time, just to make sure I didn’t forget something important!

What’s the worst/funniest thing you’ve ever forgotten on a trip?  How did you deal with it?






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