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Gifts for Nature Kids

Just popping in late this evening to let you know about my latest article for ParentMap.  It’s got a bunch of ideas for gifts to give to your nature-loving children.  If your kids are interested in birding, stargazing, camping, gardening, or rockhounding, I’ve got ideas for kits you can make to encourage them. My kids were excited about these when I asked for their opinion.   I hope it will inspire some of you parents and grandparents as well!







2 responses to “Gifts for Nature Kids”

  1. Valorie Grace Hallinan Avatar

    What a great blog. My kids are grown but we had wonderful hikes together as a family, and this brings back memories. I want to ramp up my hiking activities so your blog will be terrific for ideas. My husband hiked in Alaska this past summer – so I will have to show him your previous post.

    1. Hiker Mama Avatar
      Hiker Mama

      Thanks for stopping by, Valorie! I’m glad there’s something here to inspire you. Keep in touch!

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