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Second Review of Lowepro Photo Sport Pro 30L AW Pack

camera bag backpack
Lowepro Photo Sport Pro 30L AW

Last summer I wrote a review for a photography backpack that Lowepro sent me to test.  I have been using the pack a lot, and thought I’d write a follow-up to my first impressions.  This pack is built as a technical backpack, but it has a special camera compartment built into the bottom of the pack.  You can access the camera compartment from the side without taking off your pack.

I have used this backpack more than I thought I would.  I use it for our dayhikes in nice weather when I don’t have to carry thick jackets.  I use it in town for urban adventures.  I use it for our local, casual nature hikes when I don’t need to carry much, but want a snack along and maybe the kids’ rain jackets.  I use it for my personal dayhikes, rain or shine.  I even use it as an overnight bag for myself when traveling. I have had this pack in the pouring rain for hours at a time, and haven’t had a problem with the waterproof cover leaking.  With the exception of a bit of dirt on the bottom, and the faint smell of sweat on the fabric, it looks almost new, and the materials have held up well to use.

lowepro photo sport pro 30L AW, camera bag backpack
Lowepro Pack, holding kids’ trekking poles and my sit pad

It holds way more stuff than I thought it would, and the straps hold kids’ coats if needed.  Often I’ll wear my camera in a bag strapped to my front, take out the padded insert in the pack’s camera pocket, and put extra gear in that part for longer hikes.  I like the flexibility of the system. The thin straps kind of bugged me a bit at first, but they haven’t been as much of an issue once I got used to them.  Overall, this has been a great pack, and I’m glad I have it.






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