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  • School at the Beach

    School at the Beach

    We had plans yesterday to go to the Seattle Art Museum for First Thursday, when it’s free, but with a forecast of warm sunshine, I just couldn’t bear to be inside all day.  I wasn’t feeling up for a hike, though, and we hadn’t spent much time at the beach this summer, so we all…

  • Camping Weekend at Twin Harbors State Park

    Camping Weekend at Twin Harbors State Park

    My husband had his 25th class reunion last weekend.  Apparently no one wanted to meet in the charming town of Winlock (former egg capital of the world, and home to a giant egg statue).  The planners of the reunion decided to meet in Westport on the beach.  We thought it would be nice to stay…

  • What we’ve been up to

    What we’ve been up to

    “The days they pass so quickly now, the nights are seldom long.”  John Denver sings this in one of his songs, and I think it describes the life of a mother very well.  The days have filled with activities and outings, trips out of town and gatherings with friends.  I have several things to share…

  • Beach Walking – Info and Etiquette

    Beach Walking – Info and Etiquette

    Spring and summer are prime beach walking times in Puget Sound.  Every two weeks, the cycle of the moon creates several days of very low tides during the midday hours.  This coincides with warming weather and winter-weary residents, and it seems that everyone flocks to the beaches.   Before I worked in Edmonds, I didn’t…

  • Low Tide Beach Walk

    Low Tide Beach Walk

    Puget Sound has abundant beaches, providing place to explore wilderness in the midst of the city.  Back in my previous life (before Kids) I worked as a park ranger for the Edmonds Parks Department.  One of my duties was to lead beach walks for groups of school kids and the general public, and provide education…

  • Easter Sunshine

    Easter Sunshine

    Easter Weekend is always a bit dicey in terms of weather here in the Pacific Northwest.  Often it is rainy and cool, making those egg hunts and pretty Easter dresses a bit impractical.  But this year we lucked out and got some fabulous sunshine and warm weather.  We were able to enjoy our egg hunts…