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school starting homeschool

First Day of School

school starting homeschool
Smarty Pants

Well, as much as I’ve tried to be in denial, school is starting again for us.  Can you tell how excited I am?

first day of school, homeschool
Gabe and Annika

It seems like this summer went by especially quickly this time, and I’m not quite ready for these shorter days and cooler nights.  We managed to get out for some fantastic trips this summer.

Dancing Queen

I’m trying to remember these positive things and not dwell on the goals we didn’t reach.  We have lots of fun outings planned for the fall, starting with the Puget Sound Bird Fest this weekend. (Stay tuned this week for a link to my article in ParentMap!)

homeschool, first day of school
Trying hard not to smile…

Fall hiking can be wonderful in these parts, too, and this winter we have lots of nearby trails to explore.  We hope to do more bird resighting with the Puget Sound Bird Observatory, and I’m trying to find a resource for getting up close and personal with raptors.

Are we done yet?

And then we’ve got the North Seattle Lapidary and Mineral Club, and the kids want to join the Seattle Astronomical Society.  So I think we’ll be getting outside plenty this fall.  In the meantime, you can find me wistfully browsing through my photos from the summer and wishing we could have just a wee bit more!

Time sure does fly…

[I took over 50 photos this afternoon, and got mostly silly ones.  These kids!  I just wanted one sweet picture!]







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