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Nature Exploration bag, kids in nature, green hour

And A Child Shall Lead Them: A Nature Walk

kids in nature, green hour, nature walk,
Leading the Way

Sometimes my kids know better than I do what they need.  Lately Annika has been asking every day to go out into nature, to have a peaceful walk in the forest.  We are fortunate to have a green belt behind our home (it was one of the reasons we picked this house) and it makes a nice place to explore when we don’t have the time or energy for a drive.  I think Annika has been feeling the effects of the increased school load, multiple medical visits for the family each week, and the stress of finances.  She knows, instinctively, that she needs her time in nature.

Nature Exploration bag, kids in nature, green hour
Checking the Bag

Yesterday she took Daddy for a walk and came back with some huge big-leaf maple leaves.  Today she wanted time with mommy, and she wanted to bring her Nature Exploration Bag along.  It needed a bit of repair, so we had to take care of that first, and she used that time to gather all of her supplies.  I’m afraid she’s turning out like me: she wants to be prepared for everything.  Rain coat, warm hat, long pants, sweater, magnifying glass, first aid kit, notebook and colored pencils;  she thought of it all.

Gabriel came along for a bit, but we sent him back home.  He had a sour, complaining attitude that was ruining our enjoyment.

washington native plants, fall leaves, changing seasons
Big-Leaf maple Leaf

We looked at the fallen leaves, the verdant moss on the trees (it grows on every side of the trees here in the Pacific Northwest!), rain drops on leaves, wood chips from a pileated woodpecker’s excavations of the rotting red alders.

pileated woodpeckers, red alders, bird habitat, nature with children
Wood Chip on Red Alder Leaf

She was interested in exploring all of the side paths that snake through this narrow forest.  We walked the entire length of the greenbelt, a distance of about 3 blocks.  There is a stream that runs through it; it is never very full, but adds some interest and habitat.  She ran and skipped and stopped to look up and around.

kids in nature, magnifying glass, nature up close, nature walks
Looking at Moss Up Close

After we had gone down and back, she was ready to go back home, refreshed and asking for some cocoa.  I was, too.  It is easy for me, during the “off-season” of hiking, to have more trouble fighting the inertia of staying comfortable in our warm home.  I am grateful for my daughter knowing what she needs, knowing what feeds her, and asking for it.  I hope and pray that she continues to remember what brings her sustenance as she gets older and busier in her life, as she continues into the teen years and adult-hood.  I hope she will always take the time to escape to nature for refreshment.  And maybe she’ll take me along sometimes, too.

indian plum, fall colors, rain, autumn leaves, exploring nature with children, nature walk
Rain Drops on Fallen Leaf



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2 responses to “And A Child Shall Lead Them: A Nature Walk”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    “And a child shall lead them.”

    Indeed! What a beautiful post honoring the wisdom of children and the blessing that spills forth from a lifetime of nuture and immersion in the natural world. Your family inspires me!

  2. Aaron Avatar

    Aww. What a wonderful story. 🙂 “And maybe she’ll take me along sometimes, too.” I loved that part. You have a great instinct for writing. You make it personal and engaging.

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