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book review, seattle urban hikes, sue muller hacking

Book Review: Take A Walk: Seattle by Sue Muller Hacking

book review, seattle urban hikes, sue muller hacking
Take A Walk: Seattle, 4th Edition


The month of March brought some newly published hiking books across my desk. Take A Walk: Seattle, by Sue Muller Hacking (Fourth Edition, Sasquatch Books) is one that I’m impressed with. I’ve been flipping through this book quite a bit this spring, and am surprised that there are trails near me that I haven’t explored yet. Take A Walk: Seattle is full of urban and suburban hikes, from the North Sound down to the South.  We are fortunate to have so many natural areas accessible to families, and this book will help you find the perfect outing when you need to stay closer to town.

take a walk seattle, hikes for families, kids hiking, book review
Meadowdale Beach Park, Lynnwood


Parents will appreciate the extra touches that Sue puts in the trail descriptions. She calls out playgrounds, restrooms, type of path surface, and whether you can bring the family dog. She’s scattered tidbits of nature facts throughout the book, as well as tips for hiking with youngsters. People with and without kids will also appreciate that there are trails in here for every interest – birdwatching, beach combing, history, old growth forests, hilltops and views. Sue has a friendly, poetic style of writing that will make beginning hikers feel comfortable exploring new territory. You’ll find clear driving directions and links to other contacts, such as visitor centers and parks departments.

hikes for kids, urban hiking, urban trails, take a walk seattle
Burfoot Park, Olympia


I had this book with me when I was in the Olympia area back in March, and used it to pick my hike to Tolmie State Park. I’m also using the book to update my ever-growing list of trails to check out for families. This guide is worthy of making space on your bookshelf for. There are 120 hikes included, so there’s enough to keep us all busy! Take A Walk: Seattle is priced at $19.95, and is available at your normal online and in-person retailers. You can also follow along with the author as she sails around the world with her family, at

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