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  • McLane Creek – Trip Report, 3/7/15

    McLane Creek – Trip Report, 3/7/15

    I’ve been on restriction and not allowed to hike since last October. But now I’m allowed short walks on mostly level ground, so I’ve been trying to find walks that are easy and flat but still give me a good dose of nature. I was perusing through the Winter Hikes of Western Washington card deck […]

  • Guemes Channel and Ship Harbor Trail, Anacortes

    Guemes Channel and Ship Harbor Trail, Anacortes

    A couple of weeks ago we took advantage of a warm afternoon to hike a new trail to us: Guemes Channel and Ship Harbor Trails up in Anacortes. We found these little gems in Craig Romano’s newest hiking guide for the San Juans and Gulf Islands. Leaving from a cul-de-sac, the trails go off in […]

  • Mother’s Day Delight

    Mother’s Day Delight

    I’m back after a computer hard drive crash and restoration.  Let me just say how thankful I am for my techie husband who helped me fix everything.  I’ll continue later with our Spring Break Trip, but wanted to let you know about a wonderful garden that is in bloom right now, and is worth visiting. […]

  • Lewis Creek Park, Bellevue

    Lewis Creek Park, Bellevue

    We had the chance last Friday to check out a new park (for us) over in Bellevue.  Lewis Creek Park has about 3 miles of trails on its 55 acres.  It includes wetlands, meadows, and forests. Some of the trails are paved, and some are softer surfaces.  The Visitor Center has some interesting activities and […]

  • Baby Owls at the Nisqually

    Baby Owls at the Nisqually

    The internet is full of videos and pictures of cute baby animals.  We could spend our entire day on sites like Cute Overload, getting our fill of adorableness.  Or, we could take advantage of special places and times in nature, and see some cute baby animals in real time.  And among the cutest of animals, […]

  • Exploring Close to Home

    Exploring Close to Home

    We’ve hit a lull in our adventuring.  It seems The Holidays and the tasks we’ve had for school have taken most of our energies, and we want to sit at home and veg.  But we’ve made it out to two local parks recently, and I wanted to share our experiences. Lord Hill Regional Park is […]

  • The Year in Review – 2013

    The Year in Review – 2013

    We had a pretty spectacular year of hiking and other nature outings this year.  I was going through my photos last month to make scrapbooks for the grandparents, and enjoyed reliving the memories.  With the New Year passing last night, I thought I’d tally up the trips we took.  I made a spreadsheet of all […]

  • Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary Fall Nature Walk – 10/25/13

    Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary Fall Nature Walk – 10/25/13

    We’ve been stuck home with colds this week.  We are getting better, and needed some fresh air and exercise without getting too exhausted.  I thought it was time to visit a local park again, and picked Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary in Everett.  We drive by there every week to take Annika to gymnastics, so it’s been […]

  • Night Adventures

    Night Adventures

    Last weekend I had the chance to go to an Owl Prowl at Seward park down in Seattle.  The class started off with owl pellet dissection – usually I have the kids with me at events like this, but this time I was by myself and was able to do the dissection myself.  I had […]

  • Paradise Valley Conservation Area – Trip Report

    Paradise Valley Conservation Area – Trip Report

    Even after we’ve been living in this area for many years, there are still parks we haven’t been to yet.  Last Friday we went to one that is fairly close to us, the Paradise Valley Conservation Area. This lovely park is covered with mature second-growth forest, and a network of 10 miles of mixed-use trails […]