Getting Kids Out Into Nature

Buggin’ Out at Brightwater

environmental education

Last Saturday we had the chance to go to a nature event at the Brightwater wastewater treatment plant.  We looked in ponds for bugs:

nature exploration, brightwater treatment plant, environmental education, kids in nature
Annika dipping for pond life
environmental education, kids in nature, biology, Brightwater treatment plant
Gabe sifting through pond life

We looked at pond life under microscopes:

kids and science, aquatic biology, Brigthwater treatment plant, environmental education
Scientist at work
kids science, pond life, Brightwater treatment plant, bug study
Looking at the fascinating microscopic world

We did some art projects:

bug art project, environmental education, Brightwater treatment plant

We enjoyed the art around the campus:

nature art, Brightwater treatment plant, public art
Glass representations of aquatic life
public art, nature art, Brigthwater treatment plant
Tree branch pipes
Brigthwater treatment plant, nature education, environmental education,
Looking at specimens

We learned a bit more about the water cycle and the uses for reclaimed water.

Brightwater treatment plant, environmental education
Learning about the water cycle
Brigthwater treatment plant, environmental education
Your public service announcement for the day

I’ll be writing up some more details about this event and others you can go to in the winter for ParentMap.  Stay tuned in the next weeks for more info!

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